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15 new gTLD applications enter Extended Evaluation

Kevin Murphy, August 27, 2013, Domain Registries

The first batch of new gTLD applications have officially entered the Extended Evaluation stage of the process.

Fifteen bids that failed to achieve passing scores during Initial Evaluation are now taking a second crack at getting approved.

Extended Evaluation is voluntary but in most cases — such as when additional financial or geographic support information is required — it is also free from additional ICANN fees.

If an application goes into EE, its whole contention set is delayed — possibly for months — while the evaluation is completed.

The affected strings so far are: .online, .bcg, .ged, .supersport, .life, .payu, .locus, .shop, .taipei, .pay, .ltd, .olayangroup, .llc, العليان., and .mckinsey.

The 15 comprise basically every application that has so far been told it is eligible for extended evaluation, but excluding most of those that received the news last Friday.

The DI PRO Application Tracker has been updated to reflect the new statuses, and we’ve added a new search option that lets you view or exclude “In EE” applications.

The DI PRO New gTLD Timeline now also includes diary entries related to Extended Evaluation.

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.taipei not blocked after all

Kevin Murphy, August 27, 2013, Domain Registries

Taipei City Government’s application for the .taipei new gTLD is still live, despite indications to the contrary from ICANN last week.

On Friday, we reported that there was some confusion about the status of the bid, which was flagged by ICANN as “Eligible for Extended Evaluation” in one place and “Ineligible for Further Review” in another.

We wondered aloud whether Taiwan’s controversial national identity was responsible for the application failing due to lack of governmental support.

But an ICANN spokesperson called last night to confirm that the “Eligible” status is the correct one. The ICANN web site has been corrected accordingly.

What this means is that .taipei is not rejected yet, but must provide more evidence of government support if it wants to pass Extended Evaluation and eventually get delegated.

The question remains, however: which government are we talking about here? If it’s the People’s Republic of China, which claims Taiwan as a province, Taipei may still face problems.

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CNNIC hit by “largest ever” denial of service attack

Kevin Murphy, August 26, 2013, Domain Registries

Chinese ccTLD operator CNNIC suffered up to half a day of degraded performance and intermittent accessibility yesterday, after being hit by what it called its “largest ever” denial of service attack.

CNNIC is one of ICANN’s three Emergency Back-End Registry Operators, contracted to take over the running of any new gTLD registries that fail. It’s also the named back-end for seven new gTLD applications.

According to an announcement on its web site, as well as local reports and tips to DI, the first wave of DDoS hit it at about midnight yesterday. A second wave followed up at 4am local time and lasted up to six hours.

According to a tipster, all five of .cn’s name servers were inaccessible in China during the attack.

Local reports (translated) say that many Chinese web sites were also inaccessible to many users, but the full scale of the problem doesn’t seem to be clear yet.

China’s .cn is the fourth-largest ccTLD, with close to 10 million domains under management.

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dotShabaka Diary — Day 6, TMCH Integration Testing

Kevin Murphy, August 26, 2013, Domain Services

Today, the sixth installment of dotShabaka Registry’s journal, charting its progress towards becoming one of the first new gTLDs to go live, written by general manager Yasmin Omer.

Monday 26 August 2013

We attended the second IBM webinar on the TMCH which ran smoothly. The guys at IBM were pretty responsive and helpful.

Having received our registration token from ICANN, we logged on to the TMDB System to create credentials for the OT&E platform, provide contact details and accept the TMCH Terms and Conditions. TMCH integration testing is now on hold since we were not able to download the DNL file or upload the LORDN file. IBM confirmed that this functionality will not be available until the Trademark Claims functionality update scheduled for the 9th of September.

The testing environment was communicated as the TMCH accreditation environment that would include all the functionality required for Sunrise processing. It’s currently a limited test environment but we’re looking forward to conducting further tests as IBM continue to add functionality.

We recommend those planning on conducting TMCH Integration Testing in the near future wait until the Claims functionality update scheduled for the 9th of September before proceeding.

Read previous and future diary entries here.

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Failures mount up as ICANN releases penultimate week of IE results

Kevin Murphy, August 23, 2013, Domain Registries

Eight new gTLD applications flunked Initial Evaluation this week, according to ICANN’s just-released results.

One of them, the Taipei City Government’s bid for .taipei, has been flagged as “Ineligible for Further Review” — the only application to receive such a status to date — suggesting it is fully dead.

But the full IE report delivered by ICANN says .taipei is actually “Eligible for Extended Evaluation”. It’s not clear right now which of these statuses is the correct one.

Its IE report says “the required documentation of support or non-objection was either not provided or did not meet the criteria” for Taipei’s bid to pass the Geographic Names Review.

While the city government seems to be the applicant, city bids also require national government support, which could be problematic given that the People’s Republic of China regards Taiwan as a province and the United Nations does not officially recognize it as a nation.

Also failing to receive a passing score this week was one of three bidders for the hotly contested gTLD .eco.

Planet Dot Eco failed on both its financial and technical questions, one of the first two applicants to suffer this double whammy. The other was Metaregistrar, which has just found out its app for .frl has failed on both counts.

The clothing retailer Express, noted for its failed Legal Rights Objection against Donuts, also failed its technical evaluation.

Express had a Verisign back-end, while Planet Dot Eco is using ARI Registry Services. Metaregistrar did not specify a third-party back-end provider in its application.

.olayan became the third application from the Saudi conglomerate Olayan Investments to fail because it did not provide its financial statements as required by the Applicant Guidebook.

.place, an application by 1589757 Alberta Ltd (‘DotPlace’) also failed to provide financial statements, as did the dot-brands .shaw, .alcon and .rexroth.

These applications received passing scores this week:

.mail .tech .kpn .play .weatherchannel .crown .aeg .statoil .app .cloud .honeywell .cruises .vig .netaporter .juegos .aramco .lamborghini .soccer .ping .surf .lol .gallo .parts .flowers .gree .webs .netflix .science .school .inc .rio .bbt .mutual .auspost .best .men .symantec .med .doctor .deals .insure .citadel .care .barcelona .racing .feedback .amfam .design .save .nhk .productions .forum .finish .spot .hitachi .web .dish .vistaprint .art .maison .properties .nissay .book .tiffany .haus .skin .hockey .phone .allfinanz .finance .通用电气公司 .手表 .電訊盈科 .珠宝 .ارامكو .hisamitsu .intuit .orientexpress .gecompany .team .church .panasonic .onyourside .ski

With only 141 applications left in evaluation, there’s only one week officially left on the IE timetable, though I expect ICANN will spend some time mopping up the stragglers afterwards.

There are 23 applications eligible for extended evaluation.

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