Recent DI PRO feature updates

Kevin Murphy
March 11, 2015
DI PRO Updates

The following updates were recently made to DI PRO services:

  • Added six new application status filters to the New gTLD Application Tracker search function, namely: Will Not Proceed, In Auction, In CPE, On Hold, Transition to Delegation and In PDT. Users can now filter on 30 different search criteria.
  • Removed redundant “Collision Risk” column and associated search options from Application Tracker.
  • Improved the clarity of Application Tracker results by adding new “Evaluation” column to the results table.
  • In the Application Tracker, added links to TLD Health Check for delegated TLDs.
  • Added TLD Health Check links to Popular New gTLD Domains report.
  • Added the ability to filter by A-label to Popular New gTLD Domains report.
  • Dozens of new gTLD logos added to TLD Health Check.
  • Commenced tracking of .xxx zone file in TLD Health Check.
  • Fixed Application Tracker bug that temporarily displayed the wrong delegation status for a small number of contested gTLDs.

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