Interview: Donuts’ Richard Tindal on new gTLD outreach

Kevin Murphy
March 17, 2015

This is the full transcript of an interview DI conducted with Donuts chief operating officer Richard Tindal, January 23, 2015 which covers Donuts plans to market its huge portfolio of new gTLDs in 2015. Additional topics include search engine optimization, smart search, registrar relations and the potential impact of dot-brands. It’s been lightly edited for clarity and readability.

DI: Before we talk about 2015, let’s recap 2014 from your point of view.

Richard Tindal: We found 2014 to be very successful, certainly for us and certainly for the program. The sorts of volumes that have been seen are in line with our expectations. If you break down the types of registrants, the types of people who have been buying the names, you can see things that do not surprise us.

Very, very low levels of trademark protection activity. We expected that, and it’s actually even lower than we expected it and we expected very low levels. So, that was not surprising to us. That sort of segment of buying is not really a sustainable part of the business. It is not what we are in business to get — and nor are other registries — those protectors. They certainly did not turn up in any numbers and that did not surprise us in any regard.

There are really three segments, I think: the protectors, the investors, and then the end users who are typically companies using them. So, the investors certainly turned up. They turned up more heavily, I think, in the first months.

Of course we think of this as one product. We do not view it as a collection of individual, different products, all the different TLDs, but rather a “category”, if you like. We think the category got good adoption.

The investors certainly turned up. In our view, it is good to have domain investors in there, but not too many. It is a bit of a balance. You want the bulk of your population of names to be owned by businesses and users, but certainly domain investors play an important role because they are a sort of catalyst, if you like. They become an unpaid sales force out there and spread the word, and certainly a lot of the investors have sold names and there has been some good price appreciation for those that have.

So, we think the level of investor activity was

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Track all the popular new gTLD domains on DI PRO

Kevin Murphy
July 15, 2014

Want to get a full daily list of which new gTLD domains have Alexa rank?

From today DI PRO subscribers can, with our new Popular New gTLD Domains feature.

Updated once a day, the report comprises a list of new gTLD domains that are used by the top one million web sites on the internet, according to data provided by Alexa.

The report currently has 635 domains, but it’s growing.

The report can be used to discover how early adopters are using new gTLDs and which TLDs are generating the most popular web sites.

Here’s a screen shot:

DI PRO subscribers can check it out here.

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Track new gTLD growth on DI PRO

Kevin Murphy
February 6, 2014

DI PRO subscribers from today can track daily changes in new gTLD registration volumes.

The New gTLD Zone File Report is a simple, sortable table showing how each new gTLD has performed over the last 24 hours.

It’s the database I’ve been using for DI’s analysis of Donuts’ landrush numbers over the last week, but I’ve received a few requests to make the data available in a more structured way.


The data is also being incorporated into the next TLD Health Check update too, enabling longer-term views and interactive charts. More on that in due course.

DI PRO subscribers also receive access to the New gTLD Application Tracker, a calendar of crucial new gTLD launch dates, the New gTLD Collisions Database and many more useful services.

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Search all new gTLD collision block lists

Kevin Murphy
November 6, 2013

DI PRO subscribers can now see which strings appear most often in new gTLD registries’ block-lists and search for strings — such as trademarks or premium strings — that interest them.

We’ve just launched the New gTLD Collisions Database.

Currently, it indexes all 30,581 unique strings that ICANN has told the first 18 new gTLD registries to block — due to the risk of collisions with internal networks — when they launch.

By default the strings are ranked by how many gTLDs have been told to block them.

You’ll see immediately that “www” is currently blocked in all 18 registries, suggesting that it’s likely to be blocked in the vast majority of new gTLDs.

Users can also search for a string in order to see how many, and which, new gTLDs are going to have to block it.

We’re hoping that the service will prove useful to trademark owners that want to see which “freebie” blocked strings they stand to benefit from, and in which gTLDs.

The service will also hopefully be useful to registries that want to predict which strings ICANN may tell them to block. We’re seeing a lot of gambling terms showing up in non-gambling TLDs, for example.

Here’s a screenshot of sample output for the search “cars”.


As ICANN publishes lists for more gTLDs, the database will grow and become more useful and time-saving.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports as always to

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New: Live New gTLD Stats

Kevin Murphy
June 14, 2013
gTLD Database

Today DI PRO is launching a new live dashboard for new gTLD program statistics.

The idea is to give users quick and easy access to key program metrics.

Want to know the maximum number of gTLDs that can be delegated in the current round? It’s 1,365.

Want to know how many contention sets remain? It’s 222.

Want to know how many how many applications have failed Initial Evaluation? It’s 4.

While almost all of this data has been easily accessible via the DI PRO New gTLD Application Tracker for months, the new Live Stats interface provides a quicker, at-a-glance view.

All the stats are generated live from the DI PRO database, which is updated at least once a day with the current status of all 1,930 new gTLD applications. New IE results are added Fridays at 8pm UTC.

What’s more, users can drill down into detailed search results by clicking the stat they’re interested in.

User previews have been positive, but we’re always open to suggestions if there’s a stat you’d like to see included.

Subscribers can check it out here: Live New gTLD Stats.

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