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Massive UDRP case ignores rude typos

Kevin Murphy, August 2, 2010, 16:08:35 (UTC), Domain Policy

Amusingly, a huge 41-domain typosquatting UDRP case just filed by contains none of the obvious, profane typos.
The claim, apparently filed by an outdoor equipment retailer, covers typos such as, and even
It does not include the typo that first occurred to me. You know the one I mean.
That domain exists, and is currently parked with suggestive, adult-oriented ad links.
In fact, none of the 41 domains listed in the National Arbitration Forum claim contain the particular four-letter Shakespearean pun that I’m thinking of.

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Comments (5)

  1. Jeffrey says:

    The reason why the domain names you are inferring about are not included is because it would make this UDRP case more complex and slippery.
    Had this UDRP case included your suggested name(s), this no longer becomes a slam dunk and I do not believe has any implied or factual rights to those suggested names. Unless I’m unclear about the domain names you are suggesting…

  2. Jeffrey says:

    and for the record, a few of these domains such as are probably legit on their own, but the fact this individual/company registered all of these domain names on the same day makes this a very strong case.

  3. being from Dudley, was a bit slow as it took me 5 minutes to realize we weren’t talking about The Black Country 😉

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