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.ninja springs to life as a squirrel as 19 new gTLDs get delegated

Kevin Murphy, December 29, 2013, 14:41:58 (UTC), Domain Registries

ICANN may be taking Christmas week off, but Verisign apparently isn’t — another 19 new gTLDs were delegated to the DNS root system last night.

Most belong to Donuts: .training, .builders, .coffee, .codes, .education, .florist, .farm, .glass, .house, .holiday, .international, .institute, .solar, .repair and .solutions.

United TLD, the Demand Media/Rightside business that is also providing Donuts’ back-end, had .ninja and .kaufen (German for “buy”) delegated.

PeopleBrowsr’s .ceo also went live, as did I-REGISTRY’s .onl (for “online”).

Donuts is already redirecting its latest batch of nic.[tld] domains to

The web site at currently shows this image as part of a placeholder page:

UPDATE: It occurs to me that this might actually be a prairie dog or something, rather than a squirrel.

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Comments (9)

  1. Browser 1 says:

    How dumb. Yet another Donuts .FAIL

    Wow, this is gonna get expensive for them.

  2. blehblehbleh says:

    Purty durn shur that varmint is a squirrel. Ayup!

  3. ursinger says:

    dont underestimate donuts, at the end they will be the new big player in registry heaven, no matter if some of them might fail…

  4. Drewbert says:

    Claiming .onl as an abbreviation for online is as far-fetched as claiming .rest is short for restaurant.

    I’ve never ever heard anyone say “I’m just going to dash across the road to that rest there to get a meal”.

    Who funded these? I’ve got some swampland…

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