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DotKiwi puts $7 million of premium names on sale

Kevin Murphy, December 4, 2013, 12:57:31 (UTC), Domain Registries

DotKiwi has put NZD 8.5 milion ($7 million) of “premium” domain names on the market in advance of the delegation of .kiwi, which it expects to happen this week.
There are 4,668 names on sale right now, ranging in price from NZD 501.50 ($410) to NZD 124,626.71 ($102,000).
The highest price belongs to
The average asking price is NZD 1,832.39 ($1,500).
The registry said:

All premium names have been valued in collaboration with third parties that specialise in valuing domain names around the globe. The value of a .kiwi premium name is determined using historical sales data, search engine popularity and traffic.

There are 32 domains priced at over $10,000. These are the top 10 highest-priced names:
[table id=23 /]
Unlike other new gTLD registries that have introduced tiered renewal pricing for premium names, DotKiwi plans to charge a standard NZD 40 ($33) annual fee for premiums.
DotKiwi tells us that the names have all been reserved, so they’re ineligible for the mandatory Sunrise period (expected to start later this month).
But the names won’t actually be activated until after Sunrise is over. Then, they’ll still be subject to the Trademark Claims service, which alerts trademark owners when their mark has been registered.

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Comments (14)

  1. Steve says:

    If I ever saw a dog extension this is it. Who is going to use .kiwi???, kiwi farmers?
    They should approach the owners of and spend their $$ on that just to cover their bets.
    And they want to hold the premiums for big dollars $$$????? True colours are shining through. $$$ are the only motivation in this new clusterf**gtld release. premium???
    Is it April fools day??

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Perhaps I should have mentioned that “Kiwi” is the usual slang term for somebody from New Zealand. The gTLD is not designed for the birds or the fruit. I thought that was obvious but maybe not.

      • Steve says:

        If you are trying to book hotel rooms I would go with a .nz or .au for sure rather than .kiwi?
        No one will type in naturally. It will take a mountain of cash to try and get customers to type in .kiwi into the address bar.

        • Kevin Murphy says:

          You might be right, but it’s worth noting that the .nz registry last year considered launching, so there may be some local demand.

        • Not Com Tom says:

          “It will take a mountain of cash to try and get customers to type in .kiwi into the address bar.”
          Not necessarily. Start typing booking.yeah into your google search bar. One of the auto completes is ‘booking.yeah doesn’t work’. Which means enough people tried to type it into an address bar to make that one of the top related search phrases. People were confused because they TRIED to go to booking.yeah and it didn’t work.
          Also, on the booking.yeah commercial youtube page, THE top comment(before it was mysteriously deleted) was ‘Am I the only one that went to booking.yeah?’
          Which brings an interesting point. Why would any company put an apparent call to action on a high dollar advertisement that doesn’t work? that’s just dumb.
          We’re going to see a sharp drop in advertisers using the catchy, meaningless and erroneous ‘dot’ in their promos as they realize they are sending potential customers to absent addresses.
          The example of traffic bleed is not an accurate representation of what will happen when businesses advertise a new gtld domain. .co is a typo of .com and easily confused.
          Nobody will confuse .art, .nyc, .club with .com. There will be some auto .com appendages to begin with, but will quickly diminish as users adapt to a new reality.

  2. Steve says: will certainly get most of the traffic for .kiwi
    It’s amazing that companies are throwing $185k into the wind without the .com version of their new extensions.
    Even .tattoo doesn’t own
    It looks like Tucows owns it.
    strange times.

    • blehblehbleh says:

      But .tattoo does own most of the remaining domains in the .com namespace, so maybe it’s more of a wash. /sarc

      • Steve says:

        There will certainly be a few decent applications for the new gtld’s and playing both sides of the tld game is a smart move if you have the cash.
        I don’t think DNS will be giving away any .com names though.

  3. Kassey says:

    They are really expensive!!! I’ll pass. Second level .nz domains are on the way, which may be a better option.

  4. It’s been two months, and it doesn’t look like many of these “premium” .kiwi domain names were sold.

  5. Kassey says:

    Do you have any stats, George?

  6. .ME of course! says:

    You could have same names plus bonus emails via registry, why pay five digits if you can have

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