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.art takes a million domains off its premium list

Kevin Murphy, February 20, 2024, 22:18:53 (UTC), Domain Registries

UK Creative Ideas, the .art gTLD registry, is removing premium pricing from over a million domain names and slashing the premium pricing on others.

The company said today that most of the names losing their premium tag were on the lowest pricing tier, which is $70 wholesale a year. I believe the standard wholesale fee they will be moving to is $12 a year. Retail registrars will of course add their markups on their storefronts.

The registry said it’s “also moving a number of names from some higher premium tiers to lower priced premium tiers”.

The price changes, which come into effect February 21, are designed to make .art more attractive to both end users and domain investors, the company said.

.art had almost a quarter of a million domains under management at the last count. Not relying on cheapo registrations, it has one of the least lumpy growth trajectories of any 2012-round new gTLD, having a reliably steady incline pretty much since its 2017 launch.

Its top registrars are Namecheap, GoDaddy, Tucows and SquareSpace (formerly Google) in North America and Alibaba in China.

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Comments (3)

  1. R. Funden says:

    In memory of an old SNL sketch:, anyone?

  2. Symon Andrade says:

    One of the problems with new gTLDs is the instability and frequent price changes, which in my opinion can generate insecurity and fear when registering a domain.

    I cite, as an example, the .online gTLD, which in the first year costs a few cents, making it attractive for spam, plishging and scams, and which is extremely expensive for renewals.

    The amount I spent on annual fees for .online domains is enough to pay for .br domains for several years!

    As my company obtained the domain in the domain auction held by NIC.BR/CGI.BR, I am exchanging all second-level domains for fourth-level domains.

    Example: for

    For foreigners it may seem strange, but for Brazilians, seems much better than .online.

    The last price increase for .br was in 2017!!!

    The amount I pay for 1 year in domains. online at Godaddy, equivalent to almost 7 years for .br domains!

  3. Rob Golding says:

    There remain no functional ‘consumer protections on domains, which is especially clear with the ongoing mass-scam that is the premium name concept.

    Nothing stops a registrt reclassifying any registered ( and still unregistered ) name as ‘premim’ – many have done this years after the name was first registered/used – and then demading on threat of you losing that digital identity ever escalating extra fees over the annually increasing renewal costs.

    That .art followed this dollar-driven-delusion that massive quantities of largely pointless entries in a database ( a million plus ‘premiums’ ! ) isn’t surprising, although they have at least tried some alternative marketing/use-case/sales options with the tokenisation etc

    I’d suggest equal to the UA issue, the uncertainty over cost is a large factor in why the newGTLDs have never and will never be as pervasive as the originals and ccTLDs. There is limited to no value proposition in having yourthing.pointless if it’s 100$ now, 50o$ next year, $50 the year after and $500000 when the registry inevitably starts to collapse.

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