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Eight interesting recent dot-brand registrations

Kevin Murphy, July 9, 2024, 16:27:15 (UTC), Domain Registries

If somebody told me that this blog spends altogether too much time shitting on dot-brand gTLDs, I probably wouldn’t argue with them very long or hard before conceding they probably have a point.

So I thought it might be useful, in the interests of balance, to occasionally (perhaps monthly) highlight some of the more interesting dot-brand registrations I’ve spotted recently.

There’s usually plenty to choose from — 34 dot-brand registries registered a total of 135 domains in June, many of which already resolve to live web sites, and there have been over 25,000 registrations to date — so these picks are purely subjective.

LRA could stand for a great many things, but one of those things is Labour Relations Agency, which raises an eyebrow given that Amazon is currently fighting its warehouse workers’ attempts to unionize in the UK. Right now, it doesn’t resolve for me.

I’ve seen this one promoted on the actual television here in the UK! It’s a campaign by broadcaster ITV, fronted by comedian Alan Carr, to get people to make gay people’s lives a little easier by calling out homophobia and such. It was registered June 27, when Pride Month was pretty much over.

The domain only leads to a 404 right now, but it’s notable because it’s Volvo’s first registered .volvo domain and the name is suggestive of some kind of planned portal site or redirect function. Fifty other dot-brands already have go.brand domains registered. Car brands have had a mixed history in the dot-brand space — some have enthusiastically embraced the concept, others have cancelled their registry contracts. In the first category, both .bmw and .mini also received “go.” registrations in June.

.afl is for the Australian Football League, and this domain redirects to a directory of its podcasts on its main web site.

Providing national portals using two-letter country codes at the second level is a fairly popular dot-brand use case, with Germany’s .de the most popular if you exclude strings that are also English words (my, id, it, etc). You might expect to lead you to a Canadian portal, but it actually takes you to… ahem…

Indian telco JIO is using this domain for a service that makes advertisements, believe it or not. It has about 20 other .jio domains, like and, that lead, without redirects, to similar hosted apps.

Registered by the pharma giant back in May, this is the second registered “gpt” in a dot-brand after Presumably standing for AI buzz-phrase Generative Pre-trained Transformer, I can’t tell you what either site does because they’re password protected. Lundbeck has over 270 .lundbeck domains, most of which resolve.

Could this be the eventual brand for Google’s Project Starline videoconferencing technology, which was first announced back in 2021? It certainly seems possible, given that this April-registered domain leads, without a domain redirect, to the Starline web site.

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  1. Matthias Pfeifer says:

    >If somebody told me that this blog spends >altogether too much time shitting on dot-brand >gTLDs, I probably wouldn’t argue with them very >long or hard before conceding they probably >have a point.

    Maybe that’s because brand-g TLDs doesn’t matter

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