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D3 announces fourth crypto new gTLD client

Kevin Murphy, February 8, 2024, 16:25:55 (UTC), Domain Services

New gTLD consultancy startup D3 Global, which emerged just five months ago, is signing up would-be applicants at a pretty rapid clip, announcing its fourth client today.

The company said it is working with NEAR Foundation, a Swiss non-profit, to apply for .near when ICANN opens up the next application window, which is currently expected in 2026.

NEAR is behind what it calls a Blockchain Operating System, a set of software designed to make it easier for developers to create apps that work across multiple blockchains.

D3’s specialty is working with companies that want to apply for gTLDs that work on both blockchains and the consensus ICANN DNS root.

It’s already announced deals with (.gate), Viction (.vic) and Shiba Inu (.shib).

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Comments (4)

  1. Andrew says:

    Do you think it’s wise to announce the intention to apply for these generic strings? I understand they can get more clients this way, but what’s to stop someone else from applying for these same strings in the next round?

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      The next round is likely to be a bit stricter on applicants applying just to lose their private auctions, but the exact rules are not set in stone yet. D3 is probably not playing as risky a game as it would have been prior to the 2012 round.

  2. Mike SMith says:

    Did you mean 2026 rather than 2016?

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