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GoDaddy to start selling domains

Kevin Murphy, March 4, 2024, 14:11:54 (UTC), Domain Registries

In an unusual diversification into third-level domains, GoDaddy Registry seems to be planning to sell names under

The company filed a request with the Public Suffix List yesterday, asking for the domain to be included on the list, so it will be recognized around the internet as a space where third-level names are registerable.

“GoDaddy Registry will be opening to individual registrations, through a global network of authorised Registrars, similar to a standard open gTLD,” the request states.

“This inclusion in the PSL is to ensure the correct operation of the zone as an open TLD, such that providers including website, email and Certificate Authorities recognise the individual ownership of the registered domains within the DNS zone,” it says.

The request goes on to say the company expects “5,000 to 10,000+” domains to be registered there.

The PSL is used widely by software such as browsers to determine ownership of domains for security purposes, allowing them to recognize, for example, that and are two different sites with potentially two different owners.

Registries launching third-level spaces is unusual but not unheard of. It happens much more often in the ccTLD space, where some countries have a baffling number of third-level options. In the gTLD space, the trend if anything is in the opposite direction, with third-levels being de-emphasized in favor of second-levels.

GoDaddy acquired .design from Top Level Design in 2021, a part of its massive expansion in the registry business. It’s not doing badly as new gTLDs go, with about 119,000 domains under management at the last count.

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Comments (2)

  1. Andrew says:

    Interesting to note that IONOS seems not to be selling Registry Services LLC (Godaddy Registry) new gTLDs

    Try searching for: .design, .gay, .ink and .wiki

    On or

  2. A Domain Registrar says:

    Oh fan-bloody-tastic. Yet another opportunity for string confusion, phishing and excuse to sell a whole new domain to people to avoid said confusion/scamming of their users.

    Utterly, feckin’ pointless.

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