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Have your say on police domain takedown powers

Kevin Murphy, November 30, 2023, 17:26:44 (UTC), Domain Policy

The UK Parliament wants your input on a new proposed law that would give the police powers to take down domain names and IP addresses.

The broad-ranging Criminal Justice Bill 2023 (pdf) would give police the ability to obtain court orders requiring registries and registrars to suspend domains believed to be used in criminal activity.

Accompanying explanatory notes say that these court orders could be applied internationally against domain companies in other countries via various means.

The clock is ticking for submissions — the Public Bill Committee of Parliament is due to sit to consider evidence from December 12 and issue its report with suggested amendments by January 30.

The committee advises submitting evidence as soon as possible to maximize the time spent considering it.

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  1. Dee says:

    This will be abused by the likes of the City of London police who skirt very close to the edge of the law when working on behalf of copyright based organisations such as RIAA and MPA, the Hollywood group of rich companies.

    The DMCA is abused to get peoples details when usually a warrant or court had to be involved before.

    Let the courts do their job. The police cannot be trusted not to abuse this power.

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