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Authentic Web wants to be dot-brands’ pocket registrar

Kevin Murphy, September 25, 2013, Domain Services

Toronto-based start-up Authentic Web launched today with a set of workflow automation tools for dot-brand gTLD registries.
Because ICANN requires all new gTLDs, even the closed ones, to make registrations via accredited registrars, there’s often talk about dot-brands signing up with “pocket” registrars.
That’s what Authentic Web wants to be, according to CEO Peter LaMantia. The company is focused on the dot-brand market.
The company’s new Brand Registry Asset Manager will provide a way for dot-brands to control the registration process workflow so that only approved second-level domains are registered, he said.
For example, a smaller dot-brand might have a single person responsible for registering all domains in the gTLD, while a multinational might have multiple layers of delegated power.
Instead of plonking down a credit card at Go Daddy to buy a .com domain, a marketing manager would place a request into the BRAM system and have it approved up a chain of command before the ultimate Add command was made with the registry.
Authentic Web would usually act as the registrar middleman, but the plan is to also integrate the software with third-party registrars.
The software will also give dot-brands greater visibility over their portfolios, LaMantia said.
Many big brands already have a hard time keeping track of their existing portfolios of domain names in gTLDs they do not control, he said.
“I know a lot of companies that do this on Excel sheets,” he said. “If they own the registry they’re not going to want to do that. That’s the hole in the market.”
BRAM is web-based and hosted by Authentic Web, so it won’t at first integrate with existing enterprise identity systems, though LaMantia said integration tools are on the road-map.
The software will be priced on a monthly subscription basis, with a per-domain component.
LaMantia, who founded Authentic Web last year, previously was president of the registrar