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‘Hostel’ director slams Go Daddy CEO

Kevin Murphy, March 31, 2011, Domain Services

Okay, this is getting weird.
Eli Roth, director of Hostel – one of the sickest horror films of recent years – has criticized Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons for his controversial elephant-hunting video.
In a series of Twitter posts last night, Roth condemned Parsons for his video, saying, among other things: “It’s sick fucks like you that make me think Hostel could really happen.”
If you haven’t seen Hostel, it’s basically about an Eastern European gang that lets wealthy Americans torture and murder kidnapped backpackers in exchange for a hefty fee.
It’s just about as grim a movie as you could imagine.
Here’s a screenshot of some of Roth’s tweets.
Eli Roth tweets
Compounding the weirdness, Roth was later retweeted by Russell Crowe.