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Industry firm stars in reality TV show

Kevin Murphy, October 6, 2016, Gossip

NCC Group, registry for the .trust gTLD and domain data escrow provider, provided several of the supporting stars for a UK reality TV game show that started a few weeks ago.
Hunted is a Channel 4 show in which 10 members of the public turn “fugitive” for a month.
The contestants are pursued on foot and electronically by a team of military, law enforcement and security experts.
Contestants have to keep on the move and are not allowed to leave the UK. Each fugitive team has a covert cameraman recording their escapades.
It’s basically a big televised game of hide-and-seek.
Whoever makes it 28 days without being physically captured by the “hunters” wins a share of £100,000.
NCC provides four of members of the hunter team, all from the firm’s security division.
Here’s the pre-launch trailer.

Two episodes in to the six-episode series, I’d have to say it’s a fun watch, even if you have to take the “cyber” elements slightly with a pinch of salt.
Because the “hunters” don’t actually have legal access to CCTV cameras, phone records, car registration databases and the like, that element is simulated by the show’s makers, overseen by an ex-cop independent adjudicator.
It airs on Channel 4 on Thursday nights in the UK. The first two episodes are currently available on-demand.