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Princess Kate’s brother registers domain for nude photo take-down threat

Kevin Murphy, May 6, 2011, Gossip

The brother of the newly installed Duchess of Cambridge (formerly known as Kate Middleton) reportedly posed as a lawyer in order to get his nude photos yanked from a porn site.
According to Gawker, James Middleton sent a take-down notice to its sister site, the porn blog Fleshbot, after it published some fairly tame photographs of his naked frat-boy antics.
The notice was sent via email, purportedly from “Nice Group London Legal” at
But the Whois record, as Gawker discovered, showed that the company was a phoney, and that Middleton himself was the registrant.
The creation date of the domain, April 10, suggests it was registered precisely in order to send this kind of take-down threat. Fleshbot continues to carry the photographs.
And the lesson here? I’m sure there is one. I’m just blogging it because I think it’s funny.