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ICANN hires hacker Dark Tangent as security chief

Kevin Murphy, April 28, 2011, Domain Tech

Noted white-hat hacker Jeff “Dark Tangent” Moss is to join ICANN as its new chief security officer.
Moss founded the Black Hat and Def Con hacker conferences (which I highly recommend), and was once a director of firewall vendor Secure Computing.
If you’re not familiar with security lingo, “hacker” in this context means he’s one of the good guys. He’s also one of a couple dozen members of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council.
The ICANN press release announcing the appointment (pdf) is filled with plaudits from some of the industry’s top DNS security geeks.
Paul Vixie, chairman and chief scientist of the Internet Systems Consortium is quoted as saying:

This is a great hire for ICANN. Jeff’s been in the infosec community since the dawn of time and not only knows where the weak spots are but also how they got that way, and what needs to be done and by whom. He’s the ideal person to drive ICANN’s security agenda.

He’s also been named vice-president. He starts work at the ICANN Washington DC office tomorrow.