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The Queen has beef with Prince Harry’s domain name

Kevin Murphy, February 19, 2020, Domain Policy

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly wants her grandson Prince Harry to stop using the domain name
Harry and his wife, Meghan, recently announced that they’re going to quit their royal duties and spend part of the year in Canada. They will no longer get taxpayer handouts, and will probably (speculating here) make money launching a line of fragrances or something.
The Queen’s beef is that by opting out of the royal family, by convention Harry should no longer get to call himself “royal”. It’s like when his parents divorced, Diana no longer got to use the “Her Royal Highness” title.
They will continue to be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
But it seems Harry and Meghan are going to have to pick a new brand to put on the tacky mugs and dish rags they will inevitably end up flogging to gullible Americans. They’ve been using Sussex Royal as their social media handle too, and have filed for trademarks on the term.
It’s a strange edge case of domain ownership law, where royal edict and constitutional convention is seemingly going to trump trademark law.
I look forward to the ICANN working group.