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dotShabaka Diary — Day 7, PDT Success

Kevin Murphy, August 27, 2013, 13:36:06 (UTC), Domain Registries

ICANN today revealed that three of the first four new gTLD applicants to have already signed registry contracts have also now passed through pre-delegation testing.
He’s the take of dotShabaka, one of the three, written by general manager Yasmin Omer as the seventh installment of our ongoing dotShabaka Diary.

Tuesday 27 August 2013
A milestone today with the receipt of official confirmation from ICANN that شبكة. has successfully passed pre-delegation testing.
While effectively it’s just a piece of paper (or more accurately a PDF file) it is, like the execution of the Registry Agreement, another step closer to making the new gTLD program a reality. We would like to extend our thanks to the support of the technical team at ARI Registry Services, the team at IIS and ICANN for playing your part in getting us to this stage.
Like many pioneers the path has not been easy; however with the support of all involved we have achieved the desired outcome. We hope that through our experience we are helping to refine the process, making the journey easier for those to follow.
شبكة. is now eligible for transition to IANA delegation. We expect notice soon from ICANN on how to proceed with this step. The next tasks to be completed include TMCH Integration Testing. This is slated to commence on 9 September 2013 when the claims service functionality becomes available.
At this point we are on schedule for Sunrise and despite the trials that we and every applicant has faced in the past, we remember the words of Egyptian singer, songwriter, and film actress Om Kalthoum:
“أحب رؤية القمر في بدايته عندما يكون هلال لأنني أحب كل شيء له مستقبل”
“I love looking at the moon when it’s still a crescent because I love everything that has a future”


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