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Squatter promises to hand over footballer’s domain “if I can slap you in the face”

Kevin Murphy, January 5, 2013, 19:13:04 (UTC), Gossip

Funniest cybersquat ever?
A French squatter has nabbed and promised to gift it to Sweden and Paris Saint-Germain footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic if he completes any of a series of bizarre challenges.
Among the many demands the anonymous squatter makes of Ibrahimovic is: “let me slap you in the face, without saying a word… and in public”.
He also requests a lock of the player’s hair, a bare-chested photograph for his girlfriend, and trial by FIFA 13.
If none of that catches Ibrahimovic’s fancy, the squatter said he will hand over the domain if the player simply asks him for it, in person and in French.
The domain was registered in December, not too long after Ibrahimovic made headlines for scoring what many described as the “best goal ever” in a friendly game against England.

Funnily enough, one of the challenges the squatter sets for Ibrahimovic is: “score a more-than-30-meter-backflip-goal in an official game. Just kidding… this is not realistic.”

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  1. Acro says:

    More proof the French are weird: they add mustard to their chips.
    On a second note, Ibrahimovic is a great football player.

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