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Blow to domainers as Arab center approved to settle cybersquatting disputes

Kevin Murphy, May 22, 2013, 08:58:25 (UTC), Domain Services

ICANN has approved a new UDRP resolution provider, the first to be based in the Arab region, despite the objections of domainers.
The Arab Center for Dispute Resolution will now be able to service UDRP complaints. But it won’t be bound to an ICANN contract, as had been demanded by the Internet Commerce Association and others.
The ACDR was approved by the ICANN board last week, almost three years after it originally applied for the privilege.
The board said in its rationale that the move would be good for geographic diversity and that its rigorous community review process highlighted community accountability.
On the issue of UDRP provider contracts, it merely noted:

commenters suggested that ICANN develop contracts with each of its UDRP providers as a means to require uniformity among providers. Contracts have never been required of UDRP providers.

the proposal now includes an affirmative recognition that if ICANN imposes further requirements on providers, the ACDR will follow those requirements

The ACDR will come as a knock to the ICA, which recently celebrated the fact that ICANN intends to have formal contracts with providers of Uniform Rapid Suspension services.

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Comments (3)

  1. Sad Sally says:

    I’ll just file a lawsuit every time it goes to them, especially since I’m not a trademark buyer and will fight to the bitter end in any Federal trademark dispute.
    This just goes to show how incompetent ICANN is. This will blow up big-time.

  2. Mike says:

    Agree with Sad Sally . This is going to just add to the injustices served up by WIPO ,but worse. Look can we please do a poll as to to which Countries allow Litigants in Person so we can see best Country to defend in. We need to get together and pool information as to how best to defend ourselves against unfair attacks by UDRP’s . I can start ball rolling by saying UK allows litigants in person. Anyone else want to add to this.

  3. Kevin Murphy says:

    For the avoidance of doubt, nobody’s suggesting that the ACDR is going to make bad decisions.
    ICA wanted *all* UDRP providers to be bound by contracts, and wanted to freeze the number of providers until that happened.

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