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dotShabaka Diary — Day 4

Kevin Murphy, August 16, 2013, 07:47:04 (UTC), Domain Registries

Here’s the fourth installment of dotShabaka Registry’s journal, charting its progress towards becoming one of the first new gTLDs to go live, written by general manager Yasmin Omer.

Friday 16 August 2013
The IBM TMDB webinar was disappointing. We had hoped to gain some much needed insight into the TMDB system, but instead we left with more questions and concerns. Let’s hope IBM can lift their game for next week’s webinar and the integration and testing process is clarified.
In other news, it has been a week since the teleconference to discuss the URS Technical Requirements Document and we are still unclear on when the requirements will be finalised, posted and whether they stand on the critical path to our Sunrise. If the discussions during the teleconference are anything to go by, significant work is required by both parties to finalise the document. Implementing the requirements in the URS Technical Requirements Document isn’t as simple as flicking a switch – development efforts will be required. This work needs to start now.
Finally, there are now only a couple of days left in our Pre-Delegation Testing window and so far we have not heard anything; we hope that no news is good news. Following this we expect the PDT service provider will take a couple of weeks to review our results. Fingers crossed!
Still no welcome package.

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