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dotShabaka Diary — Day 19

Kevin Murphy, October 17, 2013, 10:56:41 (UTC), Domain Registries

The eighteenth installment of dotShabaka Registry’s journal, charting its progress towards becoming one of the first new gTLDs to go live, written by general manager Yasmin Omer.

Tuesday 15 October 2013
Still no advice from ICANN on transition to IANA. As we approach the transition to delegation and start launch processes, we remain concerned about the following process and schedule risks:
ICANN have made references to the TLD Startup information being submitted “…via the customer service portal or other mechanism” but have not provided details. We are concerned that the TLD Startup interface has not been provided. Why not allow TLDs to enter the information now and submit it to ICANN once delegated to the root zone?
The process to ‘Email ICANN CSC – Confirm Tests Completed’ is not documented. Without a process definition or certificate to confirm IBM’s email advice that شبكة. has “passed TMDB testing” we risk ICANN rejecting the launch submission and the Sunrise schedule being thrown out.
ICANN have stated the TLD Startup Information must include confirmation that the TMCH Sunrise and Claims Operator has accepted the start and end dates prior to the Registry Operator providing the TLD Startup Information. There is no process documented for submitting the start and end dates to the TMCH.
If we choose the ‘Alternate Path to Delegation’ as defined in the ‘New gTLD Collision Occurrence Management Plan’ we need to block all second-level labels that appear in DNS requests to the applied-for TLD in the DITL and other relevant dataset. ICANN have committed to developing the list of labels but have not defined a timeline or distribution process. Why not distribute the list now so we don’t have to manage Registry change after the transition process starts?

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