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It’s Friday, time for some Paul Kane Facts

Kevin Murphy, July 30, 2010, 17:16:39 (UTC), It's Friday

After all the coverage of DNSSEC in the mainstream media this week, we all now know that Paul Kane is the most important person on the internet, but there’s so much more to know about the man.
Here are some Paul Kane Facts

Paul Kane is actually short for Paull Kane. He was first called “Paul” when he was eight, and the nickname stuck.
Paul Kane didn’t choose to live in Bath, Bath chose him.
Paul Kane’s company, CommunityDNS, is headquartered in a yurt. Quite a large one.
Paul Kane comes from a long line of Kanes. His father was a Kane, his grandfather was a Kane, and so on, for at least a hundred years.
Paul Kane often refers to his globe-trotting lifestyle as “walking the good Earth”.
Paul Kane has been happily married to the actress Lalla Ward since 1992, and yet the two have never met!
Paul Kane lives in a house once owned by a young Sherlock Holmes.
Paul Kane has two dogs, named Mandela and Gandhi.
Paul Kane once shaved off his beard for a disreputable charity, and it refused to grow back!
Paul Kane’s favorite color is “performance”.

Obviously, that’s just a small sample of all the Paul Kane Facts currently at my disposal.
Now it’s over to you. Have you met the great man? Why not leave your own Paul Kane Fact in the comments below?


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  1. Francesco says:

    Well, you missed the obvious fact that “Paul Kane runs the internet, but only on mondays” which is clearly highlighted in his fan page on facebook… 😉

  2. Lesley says:

    Can I be cast as ‘M’ if I ask very nicely? and who will be ‘Q’?

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