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Domain Incite is five years old today

Kevin Murphy, February 27, 2015, 17:08:01 (UTC), Gossip

Five years ago Domain Incite published its first story, with the introductory line “Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?”
I went on to describe how I’d registered the name and thrown up a live, resolving web site in less than one hour.
But that wasn’t quite the beginning.
What I neglected to mention were the eight hours I spent sitting with my father that weekend, brainstorming domains that captured the slightly acerbic tone I expected to use and which were also available at a reasonable price.
That was also when we came up with the tag line “ n. because all the good domains were taken”, which has sat at the top of DI’s “About” page since day one.
Dad died last October, and I’d be lying if I said I’ve had an easy time getting over it.
Watching somebody you love dying of cancer is, needless to say, traumatic. Many readers will understand this all too well.
It can leave you with their final weeks indelibly at the forefront of your memories, whereas you should be remembering the enjoyable times you spent together.
I wouldn’t dream of blaming Dad for my eventual choice of domain, but we had fun collaborating on its conception.
That was something we did together, which gives DI’s birthday this year a bittersweet flavor for me.


Comments (20)

  1. Thanks for the background on how Domainincite came about and my deepest condolences. Never easy to lose a loved one. Congratulations on Domainincite’s 5 year anniversary.

  2. Acro says:

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Kevin. You’re completely hatstand at times, but always spot on.

  3. Acro says:

    On a separate note on the loss of your Dad, it’s a very personal matter that teaches us a lot about the human side of those with whom we communicate ‘digitally’. My condolences and may he rest in peace; retain the good memories as your driving force.

  4. Jean Guillon says:

    Congratulations Kevin and Thank you.

  5. Tom G says:

    Congratulations and well done, Kevin! Your father should be very proud. The sharing of your insight is a valuable service. Thank You.

  6. Kevin, congratulations on this milestone. Your blog is essential reading for the domain name industry.

  7. JS says:

    Congrats on the milestone Kevin,
    DI tops my list of must read domaining blogs.

  8. Congrats Kevin! And thanks for keeping us always super informed on this crazy industry!

  9. tom barrett says:

    Congrats Kevin!

  10. Thomas Rickert says:

    Hi Kevin,
    my sincere condolences.
    Congrats and keep up the excellent work.

  11. Rich says:

    Congrats on your 5th birthday and thank you for all your posts.

  12. Jeff Sass says:

    Kevin, congrats on the great milestone of 5 years. While bittersweet, it is wonderful to hear about how your dad was involved in naming DI. That’s a great connection to your daily work that you will have to cherish forever. As for the tag line, what would you have done if back then you had all the TLD choices you have today? 😉

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Good question.
      I don’t really have a good opinion about .blog as a registry yet, but .blog is pretty much the only other string I would have considered apart from .con.

  13. Alexa Raad says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. My deepest condolences on your dad’s passing. I do not think there is anything more traumatic in life than witnessing a loved one suffer and pass away. But know that he would be very proud of you for persevering and building Domainincite. And the fact that he had a part in its birth and beginning, well that is something you will savor forever. Keep at it!

  14. Shaun says:

    Congrats! Wishing you all the best and we appreciate your continued coverage and insights of the domain sphere and it’s pertaining industry along with other great domain sites.

  15. Kiran says:

    Congratulations Kevin. Great story about your Dad.

  16. Congratulations Kevin! It has been fun watching your blog grow and evolve over these past on five years! I bet your Dad is beaming with pride right now, from above…

  17. Colin Campbe says:

    Congrats Kevin – you have a great site that I rely on for industry news.

  18. Kevin – thank you for 5 years of your wit and analysis — DomainIncite matters for this industry. And thank you also for the bittersweet recollections; they are what really matter. Beer’s on me next time we meet.

  19. Matt Godson says:

    Your exceptional writing and humor is an incredible asset to our community which would be a much poorer place without it. Cheers to you and your Dad and congrats om the milestone. See you soon I hope.

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