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No more free transfers in Denmark

Kevin Murphy, December 12, 2018, 10:45:45 (UTC), Domain Services

The Danish ccTLD registry has announced that it is to introduce a charge for .dk transfers for the first time in January.

From the start of 2019, transfers between registrants will cost DKK 50 (about $7.50), DK Hostmaster said today.

Currently, transfers are free.

It appears that the new fee will be levied on the gaining registrant.

DK Hostmaster said that the fee is to cover “administrative costs”.

.dk has about 1.3 million domains under management.

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Comments (5)

  1. Benny says:

    No this is wrong, the transfer under there statement means trade of owner and are therefore not in line with other TLD’s.
    This change will actually create the insane process that you have to pay for correcting wrong spelling in name or company name…

    • Michael Palage says:

      I would respectfully disagree with you. Last year the ccTLD Manager implemented a Registrant verification process which resulted in a substantial reduction in IP infringement, in fact they have been recently given several awards for this change.
      With regard to Registrants being charged for typos, I believe this would be highly unlikely given that DK Hostmaster has actually employed Registrant verification using digital identity, see
      This process involves the use of NimID for Denmark nationals (both Natural and Legal) see and the use of a separate process for non-Denmark nationals, see
      Therefore I think the nominal charge of DKK 50 is not unreasonable to provide a more trusted zone within the .DK name space. In fact, it will be interesting to see if this verification process potentially helps mitigate instances of domain name hijacking.
      There are other Registries that impose inter-registrant verification processes, e.g. fTLD in connection with .BANK and .INSURANCE. While fTLD I do not believe currently charge for these types of transfers, the wholesale price they charge is substantially higher than the more modest .DK fees.
      I personally think this is a trend that is likely to continue to emerge across the broader domain name industry over time. While there are cynics that will likely claim that this is Registries looking to extract more fees from a declining/stable base of domain names, I personally view it as a positive step in creating a more secure, stable, and verified TLD space.
      Best regards,

      • Benny says:

        This verification you apparently think i so fantastic are only for people living in DK, anyone outside are not verified in that way.
        So the fact is this, if a registrant outside of Denmark are going to correct the data on the “owner” it is treated as an owner change and you have to pay. Thats the process as it is today.
        Do you honestly think this is fair?
        So before you glorify this insanity maybe you should understand what the process are and the side effects of it. There are no cost for them it’s all done by the registrant in the self service portal. If you want registrants to keep there records up to date a fee for doing so are NOT the way to.

  2. hagi says:

    Hey Michael, thank you for you words…. but “Therefore I think the nominal charge of DKK 50 is not unreasonable to provide a more trusted zone within the .DK name space”
    is for me totally different then what the Registry wrote: “administrative costs”
    and then: to turn arround the argument: all ccTLDs that dont charge for a trade is an untrusted zone ?
    i cant see a good reason to put a price on that in such short notice without – if a registry is arguing: there is not enough money, we need to higher the price.. its ok for me – lets talk…. but this is somehow – weird.
    best regards

  3. Theo Geurts says:

    Charging 50 DKK for a change of ownership, well okay.
    Charging 50 DKK to correct data seems to violate the accuracy principle of the GDPR.

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