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Guy asks ICANN to shut down prostitution site

Kevin Murphy, July 26, 2022, 16:34:19 (UTC), Uncategorized

A man is using ICANN’s Request for Reconsideration process to try to take down a domain that appears to be used as a marketplace for sex workers, many of whom appear to be offering prostitution services.

The requester says that the site in question, (NSFW) is breaking the law in the US, where prostitution is in most places illegal, and that it should be taken down.

He says he contacted the registrar, Namecheap, but did not get a satisfactory response. He says he then contacted ICANN Compliance, but was given the brush off.

He’s now using RfR (pdf) to bring the matter to ICANN’s board of directors.

“Take it down, offline. If it were child pornography, which is illegal, too. Would I have to ask twice…?” he writes.

The site in question is essentially a collection of classified ads posted by people offering in-person sexual services. While many ads talk in coded terms about legal services such as “massage”, alongside sexually explicit photographs, many others are fairly explicit that they’re offering sex.

The site has listings for scores of countries, but the default front-page ads come from the US, broken down by state and city.

The requester says he was moved to file the complaint after meeting a young immigrant woman involved in illegal prostitution from a young age. He provides some details of her situation, though not enough to personally identify her.

Regardless, he asked ICANN to redact that portion of the request before posting it publicly, but ICANN didn’t.

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  1. Truth says:

    Here’s the truth:

    1. People like this and “crackdowns” cause harm and even death to sex workers. Legislation during Trump which did that caused horrible needless harm. They need to stop their misguided obsession, which usually appears to be a “religious” obsession.

    2. Despite what I just said there, you’d probably never guess what I’m about to say now. What I’m about to say now:

    3. Yes, Christianity is true, the Bible is true. This world is going down in flames eventually. And I’m no “neanderthal,” either, but the “independently verified” opposite beyond 99.99% of people by our world’s objective standards.

    4. The people who do this, with no concern whatsoever about how it affects and even sometimes kills sex worker are wrong. Sorry – not sorry. They don’t know what they are talking about, in cases where no clear evil is going on such as against children, obviously.

    5. They misunderstand the Scriptures and have been doing so for centuries. Ordinary *non-religious* prostitution is not even a sin (sorry – not sorry), you people are dead wrong about this.

    6. No damn empathy whatsoever for what these people go through and face. Just shut it all down because of their mistaken and misguided misinterpreted “religious” zeal, what happens to them doesn’t matter.

    7. JUST LIKE WITH ABORTION: tell us what we want to hear about abortion, do something, give use the nice surprise of reversing Roe v. Wade recently, and presto – here’s your license to go spread misery suffering and death around the world and even here at home. Just as long as you don’t kill any fetuses.

    • Truth says:

      Sorry (yes this time) – did make one mistake there. Only verified at the 99.9% level, not 99.99%. 😉

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