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Kevin Murphy, March 31, 2011, 11:07:06 (UTC), Domain Services

Too many ideas, not enough time.
These are some of the stories I would have covered today, if only there were more hours in the day.
Joan Rivers dies after head transplant surgery
UK government banishes cybercrime sites to .au
Transparency review calls for ICANN reality show
UDRP panelist returns Taiwan to China
Bob Parsons shoots BigJumbo CEO
“Pigeon shit” blamed for Playboy plague
Hank Alvarez named ICANN compliance chief
Constantine Roussos says DNS needs “more cowbell”
NATO apologizes for bombing
Blacknight unveils leprechaun mascot
RIAA says .so domains “haven for piracy”
DomainTools merges with DomainJerks
BBC to apply for .cotton
ICANN successfully delays heat death of universe
Parsons apologizes, resurrects elephant
There’s at least 15 stupidly obscure in-jokes there. Probably more. How many did you “get” without Googling?
15 – Congratulations! You’re me. Or a potential future spouse. Call me!
10-14 – You truly are a domain name industry nerd, the depth and breadth of your knowledge covering both domaining and ICANN politicking. You’ve probably been to ICANN meetings and DomainFest. You should be both immensely proud and profoundly ashamed of yourself.
6-10 – I’m proud to have you as a reader. You’re exactly the type of well-balanced individual I’m hoping to attract to this site. Why not try visiting one of my advertisers and purchasing something?
1-5 – Must try harder! Your insight into the industry is sadly lacking. Perhaps consider subscribing to my RSS and Twitter feeds, which can be found at at the top of the left-hand sidebar, in order to bulk up your knowledge base.
0 — You appear to have visited this blog by mistake. Were you searching for “group porn”? I get a lot of hits for that. Nothing to see here, please move along.

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