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Bizarre domain suggestion tool

Kevin Murphy, March 23, 2010, 17:31:14 (UTC), Domain Services

There are plenty of available domain name suggestion tools out there, but BizNameWiz has to be the strangest I’ve seen.
The press release says it uses a “unique and creative algorithm”.
No kidding. I’ll let these screengrabs speak for themselves.


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  1. Mike Glezos says:

    HAHA! Thanks Kevin! I set off to do something unique and certainly my lame sense of humor got the best of me. 🙂 I just launched, which was a fun project for sure, but seriously I’ll crack that bottle that champagne and celebrate the day when someone actually names their company “Affidavit Books!” or even something cooler! ~Mike

  2. Kevin Murphy says:

    You never know, Mike. There’s not a lot of unregistered .coms left. My own domain hardly trips off the tongue. 🙂

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