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MasterCard files UDRP on “priceless” geo domains

Kevin Murphy, January 5, 2012, 10:51:48 (UTC), Domain Policy

MasterCard recently registered several “priceless” domain names including the names of major cities and has filed cybersquatting complaints on seven more belonging to third parties.
The credit card company has this week entered UDRP complaints on,,,,, and
The domains were registered separately by four different registrants over the last couple of years and are all parked, mostly with Go Daddy’s default parking page.
Interestingly, MasterCard also hand-registered several “priceless+city” domains at the end of November, including,,, and
The company has not filed UDRP complaints about domains such as or, which appear to belong to some of the same registrants.
It has also left the names of other popular city-break destinations unregistered. Domains such as, and are currently available.
Could the company be working on a marketing campaign targeted only to specific cities?
The company has form when it comes to enforcing its long-held “priceless” trademark. It notably won control of in an uncontested UDRP in 2007.

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Comments (5)

  1. Abdu says:

    How priceless…

  2. theo says:

    Mastercard hand regged 199 priceless + city on dec 11 ,, etc etc

  3. SEO OMG says:

    What a monumental waste of money… I hope they plan doing more than squatting and redirecting the domains.

  4. ben johnson says:

    Last summer Groupon registered many cityless domain names.. Why?

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