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New gTLD applications briefly vanish after glitch

Kevin Murphy, February 2, 2012, 19:03:48 (UTC), Domain Tech

A software glitch in ICANN’s TLD Application System was apparently to blame for a number of “disappearing” new generic top-level domain applications today.
At about 4pm UTC today, two Neustar executives tweeted that some applications, among them the company’s own .neustar dot-brand application, had vanished from their TAS accounts.
TAS is the web-based application, presented as a series of questions, which applicants must use to file and pay for their new gTLD applications.
Several other applicants were also believed to be affected.
It took about two hours for ICANN to sort the problem out.
A spokesperson later said: “A display issue occurred in TAS, it has been corrected. All data is now visible & no information was lost.”
It’s the second technical problem to be reported in TAS this week.
On Tuesday, consultant Fairwinds Partners reported that some applicants had problems filling out their TAS profiles, preventing them from completing their applications.
Frankly, I’d be more surprised if this kind of thing didn’t happen.
TAS is brand new custom-built software, and as anyone who’s ever written software will tell you, no amount of testing can substitute for production use when it comes to finding bugs.

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  1. We had the same problem. I spent 25 excruciating minutes on the phone with TAS tech support.

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