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Kevin Murphy, February 27, 2010,

incite v. to provoke, encourage, stimulate. n. because all the good domains were taken.

Domain Incite is a news blog about the domain name business, policy, politics and technology published and edited by Kevin Murphy.
DI is widely read in the domain name industry — often described as the “must read” for policy and business news — and currently attracts approximately 22,000 readers every month, growing all the time.
DI is based in London, UK, and is updated with the latest domain name industry news five days a week.
DI has been cited as an expert source for domain name industry news and analysis by the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Guardian, CBC, CNBC and La Nacion (Argentina).
For editorial or advertising inquiries please email:
Kevin Murphy, Editor
Kevin Murphy is a journalist and analyst with 16 years of experience covering the domain name industry. He attended his first ICANN meeting — ICANN’s second ever — in Berlin in 1999.
Formerly US Bureau Chief with Datamonitor, reporting on the internet technology sector on a daily basis for Computer Business Review and ComputerWire, Murphy was also a regular contributor to The Register.
Murphy has extensive experience conducting bespoke research and analysis projects for organizations in the fields of internet security and domain name services.
ICANN new gTLD panel September 20, 2011
ICANN panel on new gTLDs, London, September 20, 2011. Left to right: Kevin Murphy (Domain Incite), Lesley Cowley (CEO, Nominet), Lorna Gradden (Director, Com Laude), Rod Beckstrom (CEO, ICANN). Photo credit: ICANN

Domain Incite Testimonials

“Always informative, thought-provoking and insightful (or should that be ‘inciteful’?). Domain Incite has quickly established itself as a must-read for those in the domain name industry and ICANN followers.”
Lesley Cowley, CEO, Nominet (.uk).

“As an existing registry operator we have often been on the receiving end of Kevin’s sharped eyed observations and canny ability to see directly through to exactly the relevant facts at hand… I have a lot of confidence in Domain Incite being of use to many ICANN watchers and would-be new gTLD applicants.”
— Stuart Lawley, CEO, ICM Registry (.xxx)

“Must-read… Kevin Murphy knows ICANN and internet policy inside and out. When it comes to new gTLDs and the ongoing battle over internet governance, Kevin definitely has you covered.”
— Andrew Allemann, Editor, Domain Name Wire.

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