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ZACR to delete 12,000 .za domains next week

Kevin Murphy, August 24, 2017, Domain Registries

South African ccTLD registry ZACR is to delete more than 12,000 domains, many of them English dictionary words, ending in next week.
That’s more than a third of the current count of domains, which stands at about 33,000 today.
The list includes many English dictionary-word domains very possibly worth more than the standard registration fee, such as,,,, and
The domains will be deleted and then become available for first-come, first-served registration on September 1.
The current registrants have had fair warning. The company migrated to a new EPP-based registry back-end a few years ago and told its customers they had to migrate to an accredited registrar.
A year ago, it suspended 15,420 domains, cutting off their ability to resolve in the DNS, as way to bring the impending deletion to their owners attention, but since then only 2,394 suspended domains have become compliant with the new rules.
That means 12,677 domains face the chop Friday next week, unless their owners mount an eleventh-hour rescue operation.
ZACR has published a full list of the soon-to-be-deleted names here
The space is far less popular than commercial counterpart, which has over a million registered names.