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Want to slam .sucks? You can at

Vox Populi Registry is eating its own dog food and has launched a .sucks gripe site targeting itself. has gone live, allowing critics to take a pop at the company and its gTLD.
The registry-owned site says: “if we intend to build it, then we need to live here.”
The domain hosts a simple forum. Anyone can sign up using their social media accounts and start posting in moments.
The site says:

Here (right here) is a chance to tell us to our face.
If you are right, we’ll own up to the shortcoming, but if you’re wrong, we get to tell you so!
Criticism can be constructive. Good for the bottom line. It can also be therapeutic. Good for the soul. It ultimately clears the air. Good for making progress.
We are the Vox Populi Registry, a small company with a big mission to create a new and vibrant Internet community. And if we intend to build it, then we need to live here. So tell us what you think. We think you should consider getting a place of your own.

So far, only one idiot has posted a topic. For testing purposes, you understand.
The site does not appear to be moderated.
Earlier this year, Vox Pop CEO John Berard said in an interview he was unsure whether the company would launch a .sucks site for itself.