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Hackers may have stolen .edu domain passwords

Kevin Murphy, February 19, 2013, Domain Registries

Owners of .edu domain names have been told to change their passwords after hackers compromised a server belonging to registry manager Educause.
The registry said today that it has deactivated the admin passwords for all .edu domains after discovering a “security breach” that gave attackers access to hashed passwords for .edu registrants.
The attack also compromised passwords for users of the Educause web site, the organization said.
The .edu domain is of course reserved for US-based educational institutions, and is considered one of the most secure and prestigious TLDs available.
Educause said it “immediate steps to contain this breach and is working with Federal law enforcement, investigators, and security experts to make sure this incident is properly addressed.”
The registry did not say whether the attack is related to the attack against the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last month, which reportedly was enabled via an Educase hack.