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Nominet approves

Kevin Murphy, November 23, 2011, Domain Registries

Nominet has approved a request to clutter up the second level under .uk with another government-oriented domain,, bringing the total number of SLDs to 15.
As you may know, the UK equivalent of .com is, but there are other suffixes such as,,, and, each with varying restrictions.
There are also several SLDs reserved for public sector use:,, (National Health Service), (schools), (universities) (Ministry of Defence) and
The new will of course be closed, restricted to the institutions of the UK judiciary. Nominet is proposing to migrate affected registrants from their existing domains.
“Creating will ensure that the domain name reflects the judiciary‚Äôs independence from government, as enshrined in the Constitutional Reform Act, 2005,” Nominet said.
The request was made by the Judicial Office and the Cabinet Office and “due to the unique nature of the request” did not follow the usual Nominet policy for SLD creation.