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Gaddafi ousted from Libya’s Whois

Kevin Murphy, November 16, 2011, Domain Registries

Libya has changed the Whois records for the .ly top-level domain to remove references to the usurped Gaddafi regime.
While ownership of .ly has not changed in the IANA records — it’s still delegated to the national General Post and Telecommunication Company — the name of the country has.
Until late last month, it was “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”, a reference to the unique political philosophy of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who took over the country in 1977.
It’s now just “Libya”.
The change was made October 27, just seven days after Gaddafi was captured and killed by rebels in Sirte.
(Hat tip: @ianawhois)

Libyan registry hacked by anti-Gaddafi crackers

Kevin Murphy, August 22, 2011, Domain Registries

The official registry web site for the Libyan top-level domain has been defaced by anti-Gadaffi crackers. currently looks like this (click to enlarge): hacked
The attack appears to be limited to the web server – as domains are still resolving I assume the culprits have not managed to take control of the registry’s more important systems.
Libya famously cut itself off from the internet in March, shortly after the ongoing rebel uprising – which today arrived on the streets of Tripoli – kicked off.
The .ly domain also went completely dark in 2004 after a communication breakdown between the registry manager and IANA.
(via Sophos)