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Roussos sells his .home new gTLD application

Kevin Murphy, November 5, 2012, 16:07:30 (UTC), Domain Registries

In what I believe is the first instance of a new gTLD bid changing hands, CGR E-Commerce has sold off its .home application to another applicant.
CGR is the Cyprus-based company controlled by prominent .music applicant Constantine Roussos.
Among 29 changes to new gTLD applications approved by ICANN and published late last week were substantial alterations to CGR’s application for .home, which is contested by 10 other applicants.
All references to Roussos, his colleague Tina Dam, and CGR itself were removed, replaced by the names of executives from Defender Direct.
The applicant name is now “Dothome Ltd”, whereas originally it was “DotHome/CGR E-Commerce Ltd”.
“We just sold that company,” Roussos confirmed to DI. “All our assets and intellectual property pertaining to .HOME were transferred to Defender Direct, a company that also applied for .SECURITY.”
“They are the second largest home security company in the U.S and have a lot of resources to provide to create value in both the home and security arenas,” he added.
Back in April, while the new gTLD application period was still open, Roussos was known to be shopping around some spare TLD Application System slots.
The .home gTLD is one of the most-contested strings in the current round, but all 11 applicants face the risk that the string itself may be rejected on security and stability grounds.

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Comments (2)

  1. Jean Guillon says:

    Anybody wants to sell, you can bip me. There is a market. Jean.

  2. Rubens Kuhl says:

    Results of contention sets will likely impact valuation. Not for .home which was clearly contested, but this market should probably wait a few weeks.
    Should ICANN move changed control companies for the end of line or should they keep their draw number ? Some applications could be of value just because its number is low.

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