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Obama formally hands internet over to UN

Kevin Murphy, October 2, 2016, 08:55:26 (UTC), Gossip

US President Barack Obama today formally signed over control of the internet to the United Nations.
At a ceremony in Washington DC this morning, Obama officially granted the UN, which is controlled by China, Russia and Iran, the ability to censor any web site that does not conform to strict standards of speech.
UN Secretary-General Banksey Moon, who is a foreigner, said that the first order of business under the new regime is to permanently delete the following web sites:

A longer list, banning a further 8,102,671 domains, will be published later this week, Moon said.
In addition to the web site deletions, the following new rules have come into immediate international effect:

  • all new web sites will be subject to monthly reviews by the Grand Mufti of Oman for compliance with Sharia law.
  • a proposal to force migration of all .com web sites to .ke will be considered by a panel comprised entirely of coastal liberal elites, many of whom may be lesbians.
  • registered Republicans only get 139 characters on Twitter.
  • pornographic content will be subject to Japanese-style genital pixelation, which nobody likes.
  • the emoji of the hanged black man has been banned.
  • all browsers will have their home pages hard-coded to, with no opt-out.
  • everyone has to have the new U2 album on their phones.
  • all YouTube cat videos will be preceded by a three-minute infomercial from PETA.
  • “They” are coming to take away your guns.

Members of the Grand Unified Jewish Conspiracy can request an exemption from any of the new rules by showing the appropriate credentials at time of registration.
The new regime was warmly welcomed by all those still legally permitted to express an opinion.
“Today is a great day for freedom,” Senator Bernie Sanders, the new UN Special Envoy for Thought Compliance, said at a press conference.
“No longer will right-thinking internet users run the risk of coming across dangerous ideas as they go about their daily business online,” he said.
* * *
For avoidance of doubt: this article is satire. None of this stuff is going to happen. I’m merely gently trolling some of the coverage the IANA transition has received in certain media outlets and on the fringes of Twitter over the last several weeks.

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  1. Bob Barker says:

    The Revolution will Now be Published-
    English will now be outlawed for use on the interternets; everything must be published in North Korean, Kremlin Russian and/or Mainland Chinese.
    ☎️ The red phone (crisis hotline) for emergencies between the US and Russia (for example, to prevent possible Thermo nuclear crisis, will become a party line on the Internets. (look forward to conversations between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, also it will be available for advertising (all advertising MUST have an audio track with huckster speaking at TOP volume- you will be required to listen to this entirely before obtaining your non- free content).
    Have a nice day?
    There will be a surcharge for using Emoji’s- (This may not necessarily be a bad thing).

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