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Ship explosion cost ICANN $700k

Kevin Murphy, October 27, 2016, 12:04:36 (UTC), Domain Policy

An explosion on board a cargo ship set ICANN back $700,000, the organization has revealed.
The September 1 blast and subsequent fire, which we blogged about two weeks ago, cause equipment heading to ICANN 57 in Hyderabad to be detained by authorities.
The explosion, at the port in Hamburg, was reportedly caused by a welding accident and nobody was seriously hurt.
Now, in a blog post, ICANN said the cost of replacing the detained gear and shipping it to India was $700,000.
Hyderabad is due to kick off next week.
The ICANN blog post, from CIO Ashwin Rangan, reports that all the equipment required to run the meeting has already arrived safely.
The meeting has also been plagued by widespread reports of difficulties obtaining visas. Many have complained on social media that the process is unnecessarily unpredictable and complicated.
Many of these complaints have come from regular ICANN attendees from North America and Europe, unaccustomed to having to secure visas for international travel.
But the level of complaints has been sufficiently high that ICANN has been talking to Indian government officials about ensuring everyone who wants to attend, can.

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Comments (3)

  1. Dot Advice says:

    Kevin, despite ICANN telling me 3 + weeks ago my invite letter had been sent , still not received . I want and need to attend – but I have given up now.

  2. John says:

    Seriously, Kevin Murphy, you deleted my comment about more “we told you so” moments after the transition? How ridiculous is that? Getting to like increased censorship, ay?

  3. John says:

    Never mind, sorry. 🙂 Bit awkward navigating your page I’m afraid. Nice to see I was mistaken.

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