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Corwin joins Verisign

Kevin Murphy, November 6, 2017, 21:48:37 (UTC), Domain Policy

Phil Corwin, the face of the Internet Commerce Association for over a decade, today quit to join Verisign’s legal team.
He’s now “policy counsel” at the .com giant, he said in a statement emailed to industry bloggers.
He’s also closed down the consulting company Virtualaw, resigned from ICANN’s Business Constituency and from his BC seat on the GNSO Council.
But he said he would continue as co-chair of two ICANN working groups — one looking at rights protection for intergovernmental organizations (which is kinda winding down anyway) and the other on general rights protection measures.
“I have no further statement at this time and shall not respond to questions,” Corwin concluded his email.
He’s been with ICA, which represents the interests of big domain investors, for 11 years.
As well as being an ICANN working group volunteer, he’s produced innumerable public comments and op-eds fighting for the interests of ICA members.
One of his major focuses over the years has been UDRP, which ICA believes should be more balanced towards registrant rights.
He’s also fought a losing battle against ICANN “imposing” the Uniform Rapid Suspension process on pre-2012 gTLDs, due to the fear that it one day may be forced upon Verisign’s .com and .net, where most domain investment is tied up.

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  1. Francois Carrillo says:

    Thank you to Phil Corwin for all the great job done all these years and good luck at Verisign.
    For me, his replacement by Zak Muscovitch at ICA is a good choice.

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