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Dodgy registrars could be banned from .org promotions

Kevin Murphy, June 10, 2019, 14:21:42 (UTC), Domain Registries

The worse a registrar is at tackling abuse, the more likely it is to be excluded from promotions in the .org space, according to a new policy from Public Interest Registry.
The .org registry said today that it is introducing a new “Quality Performance Index” to rate its registrars according to the quality of their registrations.
They’ll be ranked according to three criteria: abuse takedown, renewal rates, and domain usage.
Those that score above a certain threshold will be pre-qualified for promotions. The others will be encouraged to talk to their PIR rep about things they could do to get their scores up.
This kind of mechanism should in theory make it relatively easy to separate registrars into conscientious corporate citizens on the one hand and fly-by-night spam-friendly jerks on the other.
Keeping the bad guys away from the discounts could go a long way to keeping .org a relatively healthy zone.
But I expect there may be concern from the middle-ground of the registrar space, where we have well-meaning but under-resourced registrars that may find their scores wanting.
An additional concern may be that PIR said it intends to change the score threshold depending on the promotion, which appears to give it the ability to exclude registrars more or less at will.
The QPI initiative also extends to PIR’s newer, lesser-used gTLDs.

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