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Go Daddy customers to get compensation?

Kevin Murphy, September 11, 2012, 22:05:33 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Go Daddy plans to offer customers affected by its downtime yesterday a “good faith gesture” in the coming days.
A blog post from interim CEO Scott Wagner tonight closely mirrors the statement the company issued earlier today, but with a few additions:

We have let our customers down and we know it. I cannot express how sorry I am to those of you who were inconvenienced. We will learn from this.
I’d like to express my profound gratitude to all our customers. We are thankful for your straightforward feedback and the confidence you have shown in us.
In appreciation, we will reach out to affected customers in the coming days with a good faith gesture that acknowledges the disruption. We are grateful for your continued loyalty and support.

The post does not specify the nature of the gesture.
Some customers will have lost money as a result of the downtime, which lasted about up to six hours, but there will be many more who won’t have even noticed they were affected.


Comments (6)

  1. Are they going to compensate me with an extra day of hosting? I don’t know what I will do if I don’t get that 30 cents…

  2. Jim Walker says:

    I bet you they will offer some hokey 3rd party service I’m sorry gift, like some of the other garbage ware they offer on their website to entice people into buying.
    I’m thinking they will offer a free copy of some antivirus software or some other barely worth the effort item. What’s your guess?

  3. As you said Kevin, most people probably don’t even realise they’ve been affected.
    Of those who do, very few will have lost any significant revenue from the downtime.
    99% of the people affected will probably be happy with a few $ credit or something similar.
    It’s the other 1% who are going to kick up one hell of a stink and probably get something an awful lot more substantial.

  4. Sameh says:

    I got $10 in-store credit today. I don’t use their hosting but I use their Premium DNS service and to be honest according to my Google Analytics I wasn’t effected that much.

  5. Scott Pinzon says:

    They extended the registration on my domains for one month. A token gesture to be sure, but at least one I can use.

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