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Chinese IDN sunrise starts Sunday for ASCII domains

Kevin Murphy, September 13, 2012, 18:38:19 (UTC), Domain Registries

CNNIC, the .cn registry, is going to open up its .中國 internationalized domain name to Latin-script strings next month, and sunrise kicks off this weekend.
Registered trademark owners will be able to apply for domains matching their marks from Sunday, according to registrars. The deadline to apply is October 11.
A second week-long sunrise, starting October 16, will enable owners of ASCII .cn or domains to apply for the same string under .中國.
The .中國 IDN ccTLD means “.china” in Simplified Chinese. Previously only Chinese-script domain names could be registered.
CNNIC’s announcement is here, and Melbourne IT has more details here.

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  1. theo says:

    Registration is open to all existing holders of 2nd or 3rd level ASCII domain names (eg .cn or
    Sounds like 3 million IDN names are going to be registered in no time 🙂

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