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Go Daddy claims half-boobed Super Bowl ads success

Kevin Murphy, February 4, 2013, 10:04:55 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Go Daddy reckons its two commercials broadcast in the US during the Super Bowl last night were the most successful in the company’s history, according to two key metrics.
The company said in a press release:

Last night’s ads delivered more new customers and more overall sales, as compared to any other Super Bowl campaign in the company’s history.

Go Daddy has been advertising during the game for nine years. This year was the third in which is has partnered with .CO Internet, the .co registry, on one of the ads.
One of the ads was shameless, vintage, attention-grabbing Go Daddy — primarily comprising a lingering shot of a passionate kiss between an attractive female model and a male geek archetype.
The other, which advertised .co, largely eschewed mammary glands in favor of the “Underpants Gnomes” theory of domain name advertising, in which registering a domain somehow leads to fabulous wealth.
ICM Registry used a similar tactic in its launch advertising late 2011.

The Super Bowl is the season finale of a little-played fringe sport known as “American Football”.
Viewers of the annual US broadcast traditionally pay special attention to the regular commercial interludes because the brief, fleeting moments of actual sport are so soul-sappingly tedious.

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  1. Scott Pinzon says:

    In a twist aimed specifically, personally, and maliciously at Kevin Murphy, this year the Super Bowl game, for the first time, was more interesting than the commercials.
    Beyonce was rumored to have said to Mr. Murphy, “Incite THIS.”
    Having quite recently had his soul sapped, Mr. Murhpy was unavailable for comment.

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