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Now we’re getting serious: 92 new gTLD bids pass

Kevin Murphy, May 24, 2013, 17:43:18 (UTC), Domain Registries

ICANN has stepped up the pace of its Initial Evaluation results schedule, this evening publishing the results of 92 new gTLD applications.
Applications for the following strings have passed IE this week:

.fishing, .casa, .gop, .home, .love, .budapest, .book, .kiwi, .llc, .iselect, .audible, .wedding, .cpa, .earth, .delivery, .tickets, .msd, .neustar, .ski, .lease, .salon, .monster, .immo, .oldnavy, .pin, .design, .pets, .berlin, .eco, .movistar, .rocher, .graphics, .art, .cam, .health, .wien, .technology, .pioneer, .lancia, .reviews, .grainger, .news, .deals, .mov, .solutions, .genting, .pizza, .smile, .hotmail, .pramerica, .memorial, .music, .icbc, .media, .law, .travelchannel, .akdn, .spot, .game, .wedding, .ltd, .merck, .llc, .tickets, .nyc, .lawyer, .aws, .mrmuscle, .poker, .ltd, .realestate, .fujixerox, .microsoft, .realty, .kim, .chesapeake, .gifts, .flowers, .caravan, .mini, .band, .autos, .afamilycompany, .review, .fashion, .shop, .city, .gallery, .toray, .youtube, .kindle and .now.

There were no failures, neither have there been any withdrawals this week.
This week’s batch is notable for including over a dozen applications with Minds + Machines back-ends, which had been delayed in some cases for over a month.
It also contains the first “corporate identifier” strings to pass.
ICANN’s evaluators have now passed 433 applications and failed three. We’re up to priority number 500 in the publication running order.

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Comments (7)

  1. NoTie says:

    There are some duplicates there… .llc and .tickets for example.

  2. Kevin,
    .GMBH (priority no 184) was the first corporate identifier to pass the IE some weeks ago.

  3. Congrats to our client on passing IE with 11/11 on the Financial Questions and 3/3 on Funding Critical Registry Functions( COI & LOC) . Now to contracting stage. Note ICANN key critical disclaimer ” all applications are subjected to due diligence at contracting time , which may include an additional review of the COI for conformance to Spec 8 of RA “.
    Does that mean IE pass applicants with 1/3 on Q50 need to recalc and so change financial model or fail ?

  4. John says:

    All these new and old TLD are the same.
    The only different with a different function TLD is .tel
    There is no difference between .com .net or .berlin
    All of them work in the same way. You have to develop them and host them and spend hundreds or thousands of $$$$
    With .tel anyone can make a mobile ready webpage and have it done in 5 minutes, without the need for hosting. I’m loving it

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