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Innovative Auctions hires storied new employee

Kevin Murphy, June 15, 2013, 18:53:44 (UTC), Gossip

Innovative Auctions, which is running private new gTLD auctions, has hired a poker-playing former Google engineer and grandson of Nobel-winning economist Milton Friedman.
Patri Friedman becomes the company’s 11th employee, according to an Innovative blog post.
According to his Wikipedia page, Friedman has had some success playing high stakes poker and was once a software engineer for Google, but his most recent gig was with the Seasteading Institute, where he’s still listed as chairman.
Seasteading is an ambitious project to create a floating libertarian nation state off the coast of Northern California, like something out of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. Really.
At Innovative, he’ll be in charge of user experience and documentation, which seems quite dull in comparison.
Innovative has so far carried out just six new gTLD auctions. Presumably, it’s expecting to manage many more.

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