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UK won’t drop Nominet takeover bill

Kevin Murphy, March 1, 2010, 14:30:47 (UTC), Domain Registries

The UK government has “no plans” to remove its right to oust Nominet as the .uk registry from the forthcoming Digital Economy Bill, according to ComputerWorld.
The controversial bill is best known for its draconian restrictions on peer-to-peer file sharing, but it would also give the government the right to remove Nominet as the official registry of .uk on fairly tenuous grounds.
Nominet recently used an Extraordinary General Meeting to make its constitution more accountable to stakeholders and to help it more easily “conduct our business for the public benefit”, in direct response to the government’s plans.
“In advance of the EGM, the Government made it clear that, if members voted in favour of the proposals, then there would be no need for Government intervention,” the organisation said following the meeting.
If Computer Weekly’s source is reliable, it sounds as if the UK government wants its powers to oversee Nominet enshrined in the statute books regardless.

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