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Cybersquatters already hitting .co

Kevin Murphy, July 21, 2010, 20:32:04 (UTC), Domain Sales

Just over 24 hours after the general availability launch of the .co top-level domain, the secondary market is already beginning to fill up with dodgy domains.
Aftermarkets including Go Daddy and Sedo are currently listing some names that are unarguably typosquats of famous brands, and plenty more that very probably wouldn’t beat a UDRP complaint.
Go Daddy Auctions currently has almost 200 .co domains listed, Sedo over 500. Of those, I managed to find a few dozen dubious registrations, mostly on Go Daddy.
It beggars belief that, with millions of decent greenfield domains available, somebody had the failure of imagination to register But they did. It’s currently listed on Sedo.
Other probable typosquats found on Sedo this evening include, listed with a £10,000 price tag, as well as, and
Go Daddy has listed some more obvious brands: and for the foodies,, and for the American football baseball fans.
Somebody who pays way too much attention to Rick Schwartz registered for the quick flip.
Cartoon characters for sale include and Celebrities and both get squatted.
Yahoo, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft all get targeted, with,, and all receiving price tags between $5,000 and $50,000.
For the Brits,, and are also all up for auction.
Bear in mind that these are just the domains that have been registered and listed for auction in the first 24 hours. There’ll be plenty more not yet on the market.
I’d estimate about 5% to 10% of Go Daddy’s .co auctions are currently UDRP fodder.
This is why trademark holders hate new TLDs.

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Comments (2)

  1. UDRP says:

    This will be a huge problem for business owners all over the world. The outcome was inevitable and the .co registrar knew it. They win, everyone else loses.

  2. Red Beard says:

    Some famous companies that lost their .co domain to domain investors (I don’t like the word “squatter”):
    Tommy Bahama
    I still searching for more. Hey, they had a chance to grab these, but they passed. Good move for the domain investors, IMHO.

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