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Is this the longest and stupidest new gTLD name yet?

Kevin Murphy, November 13, 2014, 11:41:08 (UTC), Gossip

Thank goodness for the new gTLD program.
Without it, there wouldn’t be the opportunity for chaps like Guo Xiufeng to express themselves with names like
Note, I was forced to add a hyphen to fit the domain into this column. It’s just a string of 63 Os, — the maximum length of a second-level domain permitted by the DNS — followed by the inexplicable .ooo gTLD.
The domain resolves to a site posing the question “Is Showfom sexy?”.
When I asked Google that question, I found this February 2014 tweet from Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling.

Bizarrely, the registrant of appears to be somebody else entirely.
If you want the answer, you’ll have to click the link.
The long .ooo domain is currently the 1,303rd most-trafficked new gTLD domain and the 919,853rd most-popular domain on the internet, according to our Alexa-derived popularity stats.

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Comments (6)

  1. pb says:

    It’s a great domain in that it’s absolutely unique in the whole Internet. There are some ccTLD domains like .cc or .ee that would allow for a similar hack, but no other gTLDs that I am aware of. In fact, I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone created the .ooo registry specifically to allow registration of this very domain. 😀

  2. anony (eroyalmail) says:

    .ooo new gtld is a great suffix for the scenario if other new gtlds cause anarchy (if .com and classic gtlds – the de facto cctlds for USA start to loose standing).
    The thing though is not many registrars are carrying this unique and future strategic new gtld. It could be the registrars not carrying / charging high price want to promote other confusing new gtlds. This new gtld is much better than .xyz new gtld for the above mentioned scenario. I would not be surprised if another registry in USA or Europe bought this suffix from the India based registry.

  3. Showfom says:

    This is one of my domain collection, thanks for reporting.

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