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ICANN names Göran Marby new CEO

Kevin Murphy, February 9, 2016, 10:40:07 (UTC), Domain Policy

ICANN has its sixth CEO in its 18-year history.
Swedish telecoms regulator Göran Marby will take on the job in May, two months after incumbent Fadi Chehade leaves.
Marby is currently director-general of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, which regulates telecommunications and the internet in Sweden. It’s a government job.
He’s been in that role since 2010, and was reappointed to the role in November (when, presumably, he was already interviewing with ICANN).
He’s not an ICANN insider, telling a press conference yesterday that he has worked with ICANN participants but does not himself have a history of participating.
Marby, like Chehade, has a background as a technology entrepreneur. He founded, managed, then sold the security company AppGate, which made network security appliances.
Attention was immediately drawn yesterday to a July 2015 article from Swedish national broadcaster Sverige Radio, in which several sources demanded Marby’s resignation.
These telco industry sources said Marby had an “unprofessional” and “aggressive” management style that did not inspire confidence in the industry he regulates.
One journalist interviewed for the piece said Marby had threatened and physically intimidated him during an interview.
At the time, Marby would not talk to Sverige Radio. However, during yesterday’s press conference he seemed to characterize the claims as sour grapes.
He said that the allegations had come from executives at regulated companies at a time when PTS had just made a decision requiring them to invest more heavily in their networks, which they weren’t happy about.
He said that the PTS staff, board, union, and then the Swedish government had backed him, noting his November reappointment to the role.
Technically, he’s the first European ICANN CEO (M Stuart Lynn was a Brit by birth, but had gone septic by the time he was employed by ICANN) but Crocker said that this fact was not particularly relevant to his hiring.
He’s going to move to Los Angeles, from his current home in Stockholm.
Chehade is due to leave March 15. Marby starts in May.
ICANN Global Domains Division president Akram Atallah will be interim CEO for the interregnum, as he was between Rod Beckstrom leaving and Chehade starting.

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  1. Anonymous Employee says:

    3.5 years later, I can say that as an ICANN employee, Goran is neither unprofessional nor aggressive. He is a rather kind and gentle CEO to the staff, and he’s deflated a lot of the ego out of the org as a whole. He’s not perfect and he makes some odd strategic choices sometimes that negatively affect employees, but as the leader of a 400-employee company, I like him.

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